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Sound and Spirit

The Burley Bobcat Band has developed into a well respected High School Marching Band among  critics and fans alike. With a tradition of excellence, the band program maintains a high profile among musicians and performers. Welcome to the official Burley Bobcat Band site – let the tradition continue.


Currently Scheduled Activities

(all subject to Covid-19 - Cassia School District and CDC Guidelines)

Dear parents:


Thank you for all of the kind notes, calls, and emails I received as a part of Teacher Appreciation Week. They truly mean the world to me and reminded me why I love my job and the students I teach.


I thought I would return the favor. At some point in time this year, in addition to being a parent, you were your child's teacher. You helped them understand a new concept, guided them through homework, got them the extra time with me or another teacher, and made sure they got to class on time. Unlike me, you did not have a say in your new profession and received no training. But you jumped and did the job anyway because you love your child.


Unlike me, you likely did not receive any thanks or praise from your pupil this week, and I am confident they behaved better for me than for you. So please allow me to take one brief moment and celebrate you by saying...


HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK. I know I appreciate you, even if your student doesn't!





  • FROSH - June 8-10th

  • Reboot Camp - June 22-23rd

  • Band Camp - July 19th - July 23rd (Madison)

  • Fairbooth - August 14th - 22nd

  • Parade - August 18th

  • First day of School - August 23rd


Find out where Burley Bobcat Band will be playing next and experience their sensational performances, first-hand. With dedicated musical practice and masterful marching production, the true talent of this High School Marching Band shines through with each and every performance. Don’t miss out. Find out where they will be playing next.

Marching with wind


June 8th - 10th

Trumpet Player


June 22-23rd

Drum Sticks


July 19th - 23rd


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Marching drummer