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Map of Burley High School and Skaggs Field

Black lines mark the parking flow. Busses & trailers only through South entrance. All other vehicles enter through North entrance.

Red lines mark the flow of bands from practice areas, through performance and pictures.

BHS Map.jpg

Band Photos (8x12 in a folder) will be sold for $15.

The BHS Bobcat Band will have concessions for sale.

Joining us are Soda Frenzy and The Picnic Table.

Please enjoy some tasty food.

Concessions Menu:

  • Bahama Mamma Hot Dogs $4 / with Chili or Cheese $5

  • Nachos $4 / with Chili $5

  • Popcorn $​2

  • Spiral Spuds $5

  • Cotton Candy $2

  • Candy $2

  • Soda / Gatorade / Water $2

Soda Frenzy Menu:

  • Soda, Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel Apples, Cookies

The Picnic Table Menu:

  • .